og communication design

Visually communicating information for presentations and documents

I can help you visually communicate data, concepts and ideas using information design to quickly and clearly get across your story and your key messages – I can write, develop, or polish your presentation so it best represent you, your brand and your thinking.

Adding value by visual editing

I use theory, reasoned design decisions and over 25 years of experience to ensure I can improve understanding and ensure clear, strong, dynamic and impactful charts and diagrams

Workshops, training and mentoring

I hold regular workshops, coaching days and presentations to help senior managers and business analysts better understand how to use charts and diagrams in business presentations and documents

Template design and construction

I build PowerPoint templates and libraries to define a corporate style with a consistent visual language aligned with brand and culture

Skill building programs

At Clarity Thought Partners we are top-tier professionals who help you make the complex clear and the clear compelling in your problem solving and communication. We work closely with you at your point of need to deliver tangible value to you, your team and your business.

Strategic communications

SenateSHJ is a communication consultancy with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland and Wellington. We deliver a range of services including change communication, capability building, corporate communication and social marketing.


Say It With Charts – now in its fourth edition, the book has sold more than 100,000 copies in seven languages. See also the companion book ‘Say It With Presentations’ – also by Gene Zelazny where ‘one of today’s master communicators shows you how to plan, design and deliver world-class presentations using PowerPoint.
I understand the values and expectations of large multi-national companies.
I understand the nature of presenting the latest information for client deadlines and expect challenging turnarounds.
I am Australian-based so can provide overnight production service for European and American-based clients.
I respect the highest level of confidentiality and ownership of client files, concepts, ideas and intellectual property. All files are deleted after delivery and clients are never discussed.
Because I respect client confidentiality I do not share real examples of my work.
All rights reserved. PowerPoint is a registered trademark of MicroSoft Corporation.