"Over the years that I've worked with Neil, I want you to know that it's been both a professional privilege and a personal pleasure. When it comes to the design of visuals or of business presentations, Neil defines the word 'Quality'."
Gene Zelazny, Author of 'Say It with Charts', ex-Director of Visual Communications, McKinsey & Company, USA
"Neil works magic with presentations. If you have to present ideas, and you want your presentation to be compelling, talk to Neil. He knows what it takes to pull together a presentation fast and efficiently."
Gerard Castles, Communications Consultant, Australia
"Being able to get high-quality production done overnight - with added value - is a fantastic resource for me and my team."
Associate Partner, International Management Consultancy, Denmark
"Neil fully understands the brand guidelines and the business strategy and objectives, the presentations are taking less time to turn around and they look far more professional and aligned across the group. Neil is really cost effective and his skill base is far better than anyone I have ever used before."
Head of Brand, BT Financial Group, Australia

"Neil is fast and reliable. He creates amazing presentations, often overnight. He has also done some terrific training with our consultants and they keep asking for more.”

Angela Scaffidi, Managing Partner, SenateSHJ, Australia
"Neil is quick, smart and understands my PowerPoint design and layout needs better than I do! I can even leave simple notes on pages and he understands what I want to portray!"
Partner, Global Management Consultancy Firm
"Simply, the go-to PowerPoint, and dataviz guru!"
Business Analyst, Telecommunications Company, Australia
Should be compulsory for all new staff so we have a consistent language. Got my thinking clear on how to produce the end product which captures what I need to say and what senior management needs to see."
Workshop participant, Retail Bank, Australia

"Neil is a rock-solid comms & visual specialist who has time after time shown deep understanding of my communication needs and proactively acted on them. He is extremely reliable, has a great attention to detail and is one of the most service-minded people I have had the pleasure of working with." 

Youri Doeleman, Manager, Digital Business Technology Office of International Consultancy Firm
I understand the values and expectations of large multi-national companies.
I understand the nature of presenting the latest information for client deadlines and expect challenging turnarounds.
I am Australian-based so can provide overnight production service for European and American-based clients.
I respect the highest level of confidentiality and ownership of client files, concepts, ideas and intellectual property. All files are deleted after delivery and clients are never discussed.
Because I respect client confidentiality I do not share real examples of my work.
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